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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I benefit from being a part of the CANDLE study?

If you are enrolled in the CANDLE Study, you will receive FREE cognitive and developmental testing on your child. In addition, your participation will benefit society by providing information for future programs for moms and babies.

Where do I go for my study visits?

Study clinic visits are located at either The University of Tennessee Health Science Center in the Doctors Office Building, 66 N. Pauline St., Suite 501, Memphis, TN 38163, or our Preventive Medicine Clinical Trials Unit located at 756 Ridge Lake Blvd., suite 206. Covered parking at the Pauline site is free, and parking at the Ridge Lake site is free. Please call ahead for an appointment!

Why is the CANDLE Study important?

Our group of CANDLE mothers matches the population of Shelby County; this creates the perfect opportunity to look at factors unique to our community. This information can then help attract funding for early childhood interventions in Shelby County.

Will I receive anything for participation in this study?

Yes, all participants are eligible to receive up to $500 in gift cards for completing study visits.

Will I take any medications during the CANDLE Study?

No, there are no medications given or behavior changes required in the CANDLE Study.

Will participation in this study cost anything?

NO. Your participation is 100% FREE.