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Candle Study Investigators

Frances A. Tylavsky, DrPH, MS, BS 

Principal Investigator

Dr. Tylavsky, a Professor in the Department of Preventive Medicine, is the Principal Investigator of the CANDLE Study. She obtained her Bachelor of Science from Penn State University, Master of Science from Boston University, and Doctor of Public Health from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. She has been involved in the planning and acquisition of data for the CANDLE Study. Her primary interest is the role lifestyles and genetics play in the cognitive development of children. She has published over 150 articles that focus on the assessment of diet, nutritional biomarkers, body composition, cognition, and genetics in aging cohorts (The Health Aging and Body Composition study, Women's Health Initiative) and has also published articles about weight loss interventions in children ages 4-7 and young adults.

Kanwaljeet (Sunny) Anand, MD, DPhil 

Kecia Carroll, MD, MPH 

Pam Connor, PhD 

Carolyn Graff, PhD 

Charles Handorf, MD, PhD 

Marion Hare, MD, MA, BA 

Karen Johnson, MD, MPH 

Tamekia Jones, PhD 

Paul Juarez, PhD 

Wilfried Karmaus, MD, Dr Med, MPH 

Mehmet Kocak, PhD 

Anand Kulkarni, MD 

Patricia Matthews-Juarez, PhD 

Khyobeni Mozhui, PhD, MS, BS 

Laura Murphy, EdD 

Fawaz Mzayek, MD, MPH, PhD 

Amy Non, PhD 

Frederick Palmer, MD 

Andrew Papanicolaou, PhD 

Owen Phillips, MD 

Chandrika Piyathilake, PhD 

Phyllis Richey, PhD, MS, BS Ed 

Alicia Smith, PhD 

Quynh Tran, PhD, MS 

Eszter Volgyi, PhD, MSc, BS 

Hongmei Zhang, PhD, MS