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2014 Norfleet Symposium

This year, the 2014 Norfleet Symposium for the Advancement of Health took the place of the annual CANDLE conference. Thanks to a generous donation from the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis, and support from the Urban Child Institute, the Neuroscience Institute and the Department of Preventive Medicine at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, we were able to bring in experts in the field of Developmental Psychology to talk about the latest research. This picture is of the afternoon panel discussion and includes (left to right) Dr. Doug Imig, Dr. Nathan Fox, Dr. Terri Combs-Orme, Dr. Alison Miller, and Dr. Ariel Kalil.

CANDLE Presents at the Pediatric Academic Society

CANDLE Investigators traveled to Vancouver, Canada to present topics including: 1. Ms. Shanda Vereen and Dr. Kecia Carrol: Association Between Maternal Prenatal Vitamin D Levels and Early Childhood Wheeze 2. Dr. Frederick Palmer: Maternal Adverse Life Events and Child Growth From Birth to Four Years 3. Dr. Toni Whitaker: Maternal Plasma Folate Levels in Pregnancy and Early Child Cognitive and Language Development

Fall 2013 Newsletter

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Happy Birthday!

As of December 2013, all of our CANDLE children have reached two years of age! Happy Birthday CANDLE babies!

CANDLE Presents at the Society for Longitudinal and Life Course Studies

CANDLE Investigators traveled to Amsterdam to present at the society's annual conference. Presentation topics included: 1. Dr. Frederick Palmer: In Utero Exposures and Disparities in Health Indices in Urban Black and White Children: The CANDLE Study 2. Dr. Sunny Anand: Hair Cortisol Levels in Early Childhood suggest HPA Axis Dysregulation 3. Dr. Frances Tylavsky: Maternal Vitamin D Status During Pregnancy and Child Weight for Height at One to Four Years

Summer 2013 Newsletter

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CANDLE Presents at the Pediatric Academic Society

CANDLE Investigators traveled to Washington, D.C. to present topics at the society's annual conference. Presentation topics included: 1. Dr. Frances Tylavsky: Community, Family, and Individual Characteristics as Risks for Socioemotional Problems 2. Dr. Sunny Anand: Maternal Traumatic Life Events but Not Parenting Stress Regulate Hair Cortisol Levels in Early Childhood 3. Dr. Alicia Smith: The Influence of Genetic and Epigenetic Patterns of Child Behavior 4. Dr. Frederick Palmer: Correlate of Socioemotional and Neurocognitive Outcomes: Racial Diparities

CANDLE Presents at the UT-ORNL-KBRIN Bioinformatics Summit

Dr. Frances Tylavsky, CANDLE PI, presented information about the types of data gathered at each CANDLE visit.

March 21, 2013: CANDLE's 3rd Annual Brain Awareness Conference

Dr. Volgyi presented at the 3rd annual Brain Awareness Conference on her MEGADEX Study, which assessed brain function and percent body fat in CANDLE four year olds.

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Spring 2012 Newsletter

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January 2012: 4-week home visits complete

Thank you to our CANDLE mothers and research assistants for reaching this exciting milestone!

December 2011: Last Baby Born

As of December 2011, all CANDLE babies have been born! CANDLE now has 1474 children available for follow-up.

August 2011: CANDLE Study Extension

The CANDLE Study has now been extended to included another clinic visit between the CANDLE child's fourth and seventh birthday. This visit will be assessing school readiness in our CANDLE children. We are very excited for this opportunity and hope to see all of our wonderful participants take advantage of this important testing!

July 2011: Recruitment Complete

The CANDLE Study has finished recruiting as of July 2011 with 1503 mothers enrolled. Our last CANDLE baby was born in December of 2011. We have now entered a follow-up phase of the study, where we look forward to getting to know all of our participants better.