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The Urban Child Institute

About The Institute

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the well-being and health of children from conception to three years old in Memphis and Shelby County. Organizationally, we are a data-driven, result-oriented coalition of community researchers, strategists, and practitioners who share a common vision of turning research into actionable knowledge.

Mission Statement

We will improve the lives of children and increase the social capital of Memphis by accelerating the infusion of meaningful knowledge and intervention that will change existing policies. We will work to connect research and knowledge with action.

Goals & Strategies

Our vision will be realized by advocating for public policies that are good for children; initiating prevention based strategies; and launching intervention programs that focus on children in Memphis, Tennessee.

Core Beliefs

The Urban Child Institute is working to become a recognized leader in child advocacy research, a trustworthy community partner, and a place of choice for expertise, advice, and collaboration for those who want to improve the lives of children in Memphis, Tennessee. Income for grant making comes from the investment of the assets of the organization. TUCI is managed by a Board of Directors which is responsible for the organization's programs and finances. We recognize that many issues face our community and region. In grant making, we will reflect on those issues and will maintain the flexibility required to respond to societal changes as appropriate.

The University of Tennessee Health Science Center

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